PBE Bioenergy is a leader in Wales in providing solutions to emerging renewable energy markets. This could be biomass fuel supply contracts for industrial power generation to domestic wood pellet supply or a complete turnkey bio-energy solution for public & commercial heating schemes.

PBE Bioenergy was initially conceived with a dual purpose; to meet the challenges that face farming with CAP reforms and rural diversification and those of climate change. We were established in 2004 as a producer co-operative to grow, market and supply biomass and bio-energy solutions to South, West and Mid Wales. We currently have several producer groups established that are growing miscanthus, the multi purpose energy crop, for several large scale biomass heating solutions. We also have our own dedicated biomass fuel processing facility and a team of design professionals who can ensure that your needs, large or small, are met.

Typical services offered by PBE Bioenergy include

  • Biomass fuel supply for existing biomass boilers -domestic, commercial and industrial
  • Wood pellet fuel supply - complete range of high quality pellets for all pellet boilers
  • Biomass heating systems - design and installation
  • Wood pellet boilers - domestic, commercial, agricultural or industrial uses
  • Esco contracts for large scale heat provision

If you wish to discuss fuel supply, potential schemes or heating systems please contact us for an informal discussion about how to best meet your requirements.



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